So, you think you want to be a Western New York Parrot Head.....Well, this isn't just a sponge cake walk, you know. We don't let just anyone in.

OK, scratch that. Well, here's the pretest to get in. Answer these two questions correctly and you're a prime candidate.

Do you believe that snow is

  1. A pain in the @$$
  2. A good excuse to get a six-pack , stay home and wait for the plow
  3. A renewable resource for making frozen drinks

Western New York is best known for

  1. Snow
  2. Chicken Wings
  3. The Western New York Parrot Head Club

If you answered "All of the above" to both questions, you are ready to begin the ardous, death-defying and sometimes liver-damaging task of becoming a Western New York Parrot Head. Print out the form below and send it in with your payment....or.....just show up to one of our many events .


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