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Back in August...

Jones Beach

JB@JB (Jimmy Buffett at Jones Beach) traditionally begins the night before with "Family Dinner" at Ciao Baby Restaurant.

All the gals want their picture taken with the cute waiter...

Bob Schiele: Musician, recording artist, photobomber.



And of course, the obligatory singing of "Build Me Up, Buttercup"



Day of the show: A Sunrise Toast at Zach's Bay.

Followed by a hearty breakfast

...and some time at the beach


Click to view an enlargement of this Jones Beach Panoramic Pic


Geri & Denise hanging 20 (what else would you expect from two 10's??)

G1 guards the women (not sure who's guarding G1)...


...while some folks just Wing it.


Speaking of "winging it", as always, David's Famous Chicken Wings were a hit with everyone, including the locals.


Click for larger version (what she said) Click to open a larger image of the group picture



Click to view an enlargement of this Jones Beach Panoramic Pic


Fins Up!



August also means summertime meetings with Live Music under the big tent!


Back in July...

July found WNYPHC attending the 4th annual "Swing, Swill & Chill" Golf Tourney hosted by P.H.I.N.S. at Whiskey Run Golf Course in Port Colborne. There were lots of prizes given away - some in the various categories below (we think)

Best Shot by a Team


The Longest One(?)

Best Drive of the Day

After all the golfing, a nice dinner with great phriends



Back in June...

Moondance June 26th - a VERY Lovely Cruise!



WNYPHC was at the Transit Drive-in in Lockport for a live concert simulcast of Jimmy's Coyote Drive-in show in Ft. Worth, Texas. A big thanx to all the folks at the Transit Drive-in and Brent for making it a truly memorable event.

Click here for tickets



WNYPHC had our own team for the Tour de Cure and finished 5th among organizations, raising over $1124.00!

Bob, Team Captain Dr. Dave & Aaron, kickin' butt and takin' names to help fight Diabetes



The Sauce Boss came to EVL...



Right after Alan & Bob served up the Gumbo, some of us made it over to Crazy Jake's to check out Duane's last set!

Duane at Crazy Jake's



April brought our 17th birthday party

Parrot Heads of the Year Dave (2014) and Rae Anne (2013)

The Surgeon and The Nurse get operating...



Back in March 2014...

Wine Trip - March 29



Chillin' in the Caribbean - March 22

Chinese Auction

Bob Schiele kicking off the entertainment

The Island Castaways got the whole joint rocking!

Our own Tim Lewis adds some steel drum to the set

Nope, no good times here...



WNYPHC marched in the Old First Ward Parade on Saturday, March 15th. Once again, Dennis ensured a great float (with amenities) and a good time was had by all!

Click for larger picturePhoto courtesy Audra Kroll (click for enlargement - the picture, that is)


Photo courtesy Dee Schiele

Photo courtesy Dee Schiele

Photo courtesy Joe DeFilippis


Is it one of those orange & white themed, wings & beer restaurant girls gone astray? No, it's our own Dr. Dave, doing his annual bit with some of his colleagues to help raise money for Dr. Andy's Day for Kids. As usual, the WNYPHC was there to help pitch in for charity and have a great time in the process. Altogether the good physicians and volunteers raised $28,565 for the Sisters Hospital NeoNatal Intensive Care Unit.

Photo courtesy Julie Fay



January 26th saw us all celebrating the winter holidaze one last time at Gratwick Lounge - our annual Christmas Party.

Click on picture for larger imageClick on photo for larger size


A short slideshow of the Christmas/Holiday party



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