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(Continued from January 2014 to May 2014)

December 2013

WNYPHC donated $1020 in cash and tons of bags of food to the Food Bank on December 5th. Thanx to all our members for all their donations and other efforts in making this possible! Doing their usual "Dawn Patrol" Christmas schtick and promoting the club were the 3 Stoo..uh, I mean, the 3 Wise Men, David, Bob & Gary, seen here with WGRZ's Pete Gallivan. Thanx, Channel 2!

No, we don't know why they weren't at Elf practice...but good job, boys!

Photo courtesy "Whistling" Dee Schiele & G1



Congratulations to our vice president, Bob Schiele, on the release of Chillax, his first-ever studio CD! Bob's Official CD Release party on Wednesday, November 13th at the iconic Sportmen's Tavern was VERY well attended by our membership and a good time was had by all.

Photo courtesy Dee Schiele


Bob Schiele's New CD - Chillax



Meeting of the Minds found the WNYPHC fastidiously manning (and womanning) the Scholarship Fund table. Others walked for ZONTAS and still others donated blood. Thanx to all who donated their (very scarce) sober time to party with a purpose in Key West!

Rae Anne Dear & Alan man & woman the scholarship table while PHiP Secretary David Cohen seeks permission to use the facilities.

"...Nothing to show but this brand new tattoo. But it's a real beauty...THREE WNYPHC cuties! How they got there, I haven't a clue..."


The Sauce Boss pays homage to Jimmy for favors rendered.



October 14th was our biannual blood drive and WNYPHC did not disappoint, with THIRTY-TWO members participating (new record!), including five first-time UNYTS donors. Thanks to all who spent 5 minutes to save 3 lives!



On October 13th, the WNYPHC sponsored our annual Buffalo Bills Tailgate, welcoming pholks from as far away as Tenessee. A good time was had by all as we Partied with a Purpose.



By special arrangement with the club, recording sensation Dee Schiele was on hand to sign a few autographs.


The Parrot Head Perch for the game.


WNYPHC on the big screen


This van was spotted at the tailgate - probably one of those circus clown cars. We think Tami Deemer knows who it belongs to...


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