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(Continued from August thru December 2013 )

On August 31st, a bunch of us headed up to Port Colborne "for the Labor Day weekend show" where Brian Neale & Northern Harbour rocked the marina in a fitting tribute to the great summer!

DJ Rocky mixing up them Margaritas while the band gets ready to rock.

Brian Neale & Northern Harbour



The Moondance finally set sail on August 27th. To make up for the rescheduling inconvenience, event chairman Bob Schiele arranged for a dazzling fireworks display! Board member Ray Jaskowiak helped smooth things over by bringing everyone frosty beverages.

T'was a bit gloomy, but warm and magical - until the Nor'easter blew in at the end.

Congregating at The Hatch prior to departure.

Boat Drinks...waiter, I need two more boat drinks...

A f ireworks display! Great job, Bob!

Little Rock photo courtesy of homeowner Katie Jackson


A whole bunch of us (30 or so) ventured down to Jones Beach to see Jimmy. Unfortunately, while the WNYPHC does a lot of things very well, group photography is not one of them. So, here's a representative photo of the glorious time that was had. (Yes, the beach at Jones Beach is part of the tailgate experience.)

Is this the cast of Gilligan's Island? No, wait, it can't be - there's certainly no Professor or Millionaire here...but there are a couple of Gingers & Mary Anns, though...


August 15th was the last of our three summer outdoor phlockings. While there was an unseasonable chill in the air, Gimme Buffett & some serious dancing kept things warm...

Can you spot the dip in this photo?



August 1st, on a very happy island, David & Brenda Cohen became man & wife on the beach in Aruba. The WNYPHC now has a First Lady!

Click for larger image


The event was witnessed by most of the people below plus a few others (43 total!) Most will tell you it was one of the most fun, beautiful & sincere weddings they've ever seen.

Congratulations to David & Brenda!

Click for larger image

Click for larger image


Scott Kirby & guitarist Dave Edminsten rocked the Gin Mill in Ellicottville for two great shows to help us finish up July.


A bunch of us met up at Harbor Place on July 26th to listen to the legendary Wailers. Most of us were a bit far away from the stage, but close to the refreshment tents, of course! Although, a few hearty members were right up in front, breathing in the, uh, ambiance.


WNYPHC at the Wailers show.


Mid-July saw us trekking off to Pittsburgh for our club's annual Jimmy Buffett show. The Steel City Fins held a pre-party the night before featuring John McDonald & the Mango Men and our very own Bob Schiele.

Bob toasting the occasion.

Bob entertains while party goers mingle.

John McDonald & the Mango Men


The day of the show came and since the Star Lake lots weren't open when we arrived (Surprise? Not!) we sought sanctuary from the traffic jam, as only Parrot Heads would...

When the lots did open, a grand time was had by all...

No, it's not a Swan dive - Rae Anne just needed a booster chair to participate in the "Family Tradition"...

Fortunately, we had a Beamin' DJ on the frozen concoction maker to help us hang on, hang on, hang on...

Tim, you will be missed.

Rain? Of course it rained!

But in the end, the King of Somewhere Hot made it all good!


The first of our 3 Summer Phlockings was held June 20th at the Ramada Hotel & Conference Center where we sat under outside and were entertained by the music of Gimme Buffett. There's two more outdoor summer Phlockings left, make sure you stop on out!

Photos courtesy of Royce Payne


Congratulations to those who rode in the Tour de Cure and walked the Susan G Komen on Saturday, June 8th.

G2 pauses to rehyrdrate before pedaling on to Tour de Cure glory. (Yes, he finished!)


Cinco de Mayo turned into an unofficial and impromptu phlocking of sorts as 16+ like-minded Parrot Heads gathered to hear Gimme Buffett on the patio at the Armor Inn on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Gimme Buffett

Check out the Gimme Buffett website for upcoming shows!


A small delegation from our club joined with other organizations at Buffalo Niagara Airport on May 4th to welcome back the Honor Flight Veterans. The donation from WNYPHC allowed veterans like this gentleman below to visit the WWII monument with Honor Flight Buffalo.



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